YoPRO frozen dessert
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Product review: YoPRO frozen dessert

YoPRO frozen dessert is a high protein treat with no added sugar from the makers of my favourite high protein yoghurt.

YoPRO frozen dessert

YoPRO frozen dessert comes in packs of 4 individually wrapped items in the “ice cream in a stick” format. Each serve contains 540 ml of frozen goodness, 105-109 kilocalories (depending on the flavour), 10 grams of protein, no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

You can find them in the frozen section of Coles supermarkets. The current available flavours are: Mint Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Berries & Cream, and Chocolate Mocha.


Below are the ingredients lists for a couple of flavours. Note that despite YoPRO is better known for their yoghurts, these desserts are not frozen yoghurt.

  • Mint Chocolate: Water, milk solids, xylitol, cream and /or butter, no added sugar chocolate syrup (3%) [cocoa powder (7%), polydextrose, stevia], mono-diglyceride, vegetable gums (guar gum, xanthan gum, locust bean gum), natural mint flavour, natural colours (gardenia extract, turmeric).
  • Salted Caramel: Water, milk solids, xylitol, cream and /or butter, no added sugar salted caramel syrup (3%) [milk solids, polydextrose, stevia, salt 0.8%], mono-diglyceride, vegetable gums (guar gum, xanthan gum, locust bean gum), natural flavour.

Nutrition information

NutrientMint Chocolate
Per serve (86g)
Salted Caramel
Per serve (86g)
Berries & Cream
Per serve (86g)
Chocolate Mocha
Per serve (86g)
Energy (kJ)441444437456
Energy (kcal)106107105109
Protein (g)
Fat, total (g)
– Saturated (g)
Carbohydrate, total (g)
– Sugars (g)
Sodium (mg)

Taste test

We have tried the Chocolate Mocha and Berries & Cream flavours and liked them both. They have a creamy texture, clean natural flavour, and are not super sweet. They do need to sit a few minutes outside of the freezer to be “bitable”.

YoPRO frozen dessert Berries & Cream
YoPRO frozen dessert Chocolate Mocha

Summary and recommendations

Due to its low sugar and high protein content, YoPRO frozen dessert is a good option for physically active individuals, people looking to improve their body composition and those with blood sugar regulation issues such as insulin resistance and diabetes.

This is a good treat to keep in the freezer to satisfy occasional cravings but not to be had on a daily basis. Remember macros are not everything, remember the bulk of your food intake should come from unprocessed foods.

More information

For more information on YoPRO products, including frozen desserts, head to YoPRO’s website. Note that not all the flavours are listed on the site.

If you need nutrition advice, click here to check out our range of available services.


  • theony Szidat

    absolutely delicious. Have one or 2 a day post gastric sleeve surgery to make up my protein. Everyone is fantaric, but my fav is strawberry and cream.Price a little high but hapoy to pay for total indukgence❤

  • Michael

    I’ve tried 2 varieties and they have zero flavour and are too big. Their yoghurts are much better. Wouldn’t buy again.

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