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Product review: Activate Foods

Activate Foods is a meal delivery service in NSW offering healthy gluten-free portion-controlled meals for people who don’t have time to cook.

Activate Foods

Activate Foods is a food delivery service based on the Central Coast of NSW. They deliver to the Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle on Mondays.

The company works with a dietitian, ensuring appropriate portion sizes and detailed nutrition information.

The meals

All Activate Foods are gluten-free and menus change slightly week to week. You can choose from a selection of fresh and frozen meals, which include salads, hot meals, soups, breakfast items, snacks, bread and fermented vegetables. Some meals are available in family size trays.

Special diets

In addition to being gluten-free, there are meals that cover additional dietary considerations:

  • Paleo (no grains, legumes or dairy)
  • Vegan & vegetarian
  • Low-carb
  • Dairy-free
  • Diabetic friendly

Packaging and delivery

Meals come in plastic trays covered with plastic film. They come wrapped in either cardboard boxes lined with Woolcool or styrofoam boxes to keep them cold for a few hours if needed.

Activate Foods box

As mentioned before, deliveries happen on Mondays within a timeframe that depends on your location.

Taste test

Below are the meals I have ordered in the past:

  • Dukkah Chicken
  • Beef Brisket with Seasonal Vegetables
  • Butter Chicken
  • Lasagna (Gluten Free)
  • Beef Korma with Basmati Rice
  • Paella with Chicken, Chorizo & Calamari
  • Texas Chilli Bowl
  • Curried Sausages


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My favourite meals were the Dukkah Chicken and the Lasagna. The Texas Chilli Bowl was pretty good too. In general, all dishes were good, but those were my top picks. I’m not a big fan of some frozen vegetables (such as broccoli and green beans) because of texture, so I’d probably wouldn’t order the meals that come with those vegetables again. Portions were big enough to feel satisfied but needed a little extra specially after training.

More information

To check out these meals and to order online, head to Activate Foods website.

If you need nutrition advice, click here to check out our range of available services.


  • Lort

    Aweful, bland no flavour, boring, fed it to the birds and they havent started to eat it. What a waste of money. Never again

    • Gaby Mora

      Hi Lorraine, it’s unfortunate you didn’t like the meals, perhaps it would be useful to leave constructive criticism on the company’s website. Besides that, remember taste is individual and just one aspect to consider when buying ready-made meals.

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