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Product review: O’Brien gluten-free beer

Speaking about cheating… an Oktoberfest-themed dinner earlier this year was the perfect excuse to try a gluten-free beer. I asked the person in charge of getting the booze to buy a German GF beer from Dan Murphy’s but they were out. He bought some O’Brien lagers and pale ales instead.

I tried the ale and it was great. Not the best beer I’ve ever had but not bad at all. It’s made with sorghum and millet and, while it didn’t give me any reflux or noticeable inflammation it did seem to make my digestion a bit slower. Not an ideal drink, but good for those once or twice a year beer cravings.

O'Brien gluten-free beer

I’ve seen in their website that they do a light lager and brown ale, too. I’m not interested in the lagers but am trying to track down a bottle shop that stocks the brown ale.

O’Brien Beer

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