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Product review: Cave Foods Mammooth bar

Although I’m not very keen on caveman references in paleo-friendly foods, and do believe homemade food and not packaged foods should make the bulk of our diet, I do appreciate the convenience of portable crap-free edible products.

Thanks to the increasing popularity of Crossfit and paleo/primal approaches to eating, several companies have created more natural alternatives to protein bars. Cave Foods is one of the such companies, and their product is called Mammooth bar.

I grabbed a vanilla bar at Paleo Cafe (they didn’t have chocolate – bummer!) for $5. It comes wrapped in butcher’s paper secured by a sticker that reads: “No: gluten, added sugar, artificial flavouring or preservatives.” At the back you can find the ingredients list: natural whey protein powder, organic almond meal, raw organic cacao butter, raw organic honey, organic dates, organic dried bananas, raw organic vanilla powder. Inside the wrapping paper, the bar sits in a tight and easy to tear plastic wrap.

Cave Foods Mamooth bar
Cave Foods Mamooth bar
Cave Foods Mamooth bar

I had half the bar post-workout (shared with Alvaro). I don’t use whey protein regularly anymore because it can mess with my digestion and/or respiratory system but the small amount in half a bar didn’t bother me. The bar has the distinct milky taste of whey protein shakes, and was unexpectedly sour, but not in a bad way. Vanilla is not normally my preferred flavour unless I’m mixing it with something else. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for an opportunity to try the chocolate version.

Update: I tried the chocolate bar today, I liked it a lot better than the vanilla.

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