• PBCo protein shakes
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    Product review: PBCo protein shakes

    PBCo, formerly known as The Protein Bread Co, specialises on high protein, low carb products. Their PBCo protein shakes are a good alternative to similar powders in the market that contain sugar or artificial ingredients. PBCo protein shakes These protein shakes come in three flavours (banana, chocolate and vanilla) in 500g resealable bags, which equals 14.3 servings. Each serve contains 23g of protein that come from whey protein concentrate. The shakes are gluten free, low carb and contain vitamins and enzymes making them more digestible. They have no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners (they’re sweetened with stevia). Ingredients Banana: Australian whey protein concentrate, vitamin blend (calcium carbonate, whey protein isolate,…

  • PBCo protein pizza bases
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    Product review: PBCo protein pizza bases

    The folks at PBCo (previously The Protein Bread Co) have added ready-made pizza bases to their product range of mixes. WIth PBCo protein pizza bases you can enjoy pizza without derailing your body composition goals. Protein pizza bases Each packet of PBCo protein pizza bases comes with 2x 28cm, thin bases. These are very high in protein, lower in carbs and vegan. However, unlike the protein pizza mix, they are not gluten-free. Ingredients Water, lupin protein, high protein wheat flour, rice protein, olive oil, golden flax meal, yeast, salt, bread improver (inactive dry yeast, vitamin C, enzyme). Nutrition information Nutrient Per serve (1/2 pizza base) Energy (kJ) 1073 Energy (Cal)…