• How to eat healthy when travelling
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    How to eat healthy when travelling

    Travelling can be challenging for maintaining healthy habits. Whether you are relocating or visiting a new location, it is always handy to know how to eat healthy when travelling. Before travelling Before heading to your destination, do a little research. If you know someone who lives or has been to where you’re headed, ask for recommendations. Otherwise, search on the internet for highly-rated restaurants, markets, grocers and supermarkets. If you don’t speak the language, make sure you install Google Translate in your phone to translate menus, food labels, etc. At your destination Check out what kitchen facilities are available at your accommodation. This includes refrigeration, cooking facilities, small appliances and…

  • 5 common nutrition myths
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    5 common nutrition myths

    There are many nutrition myths, some of them known as “vampire myths” because they refuse to die. In this article I’ll be breaking down 5 common nutrition myths that I hear on a regular basis from clients. #1: I can’t eat bananas because I’m a diabetic Bananas, like most fruits, have natural sugars. However, bananas are not the sweetest fruits around. A medium banana has 14.2 grams of sugar, less than a medium red delicious apple (21.3 grams), 1 cup of red grapes (27.7 grams) and a medium mango (37.9 grams). Does this mean you should not eat fruit if you have diabetes? Absolutely not! Fruits are packed with other…

  • meal prep
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    Meal prep the right way

    “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success” – Alexander Graham Bell. Most people don’t have time to cook a healthy meal every day of the week. Most people don’t have the money to pay someone to cook for them every day. Eating out is not as healthy and/or budget-friendly as making your own meals. This is why you should know how to meal prep the right way. What is meal prep Meal preparation is basically cooking in bulk, i.e. cooking or putting together a number of meals in advance. The best time is whenever you have a few free hours. For most people, this is during the weekend.…

  • Gluten free expo 2017
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    Gluten Free Expo 2017

    Last weekend I attended the Gluten Free Expo 2017, organised by Coeliac Australia. It was my first time there, and I found it really valuable to get to know which brands I can use and recommend to my clients who have CD or an intolerance to gluten. Talks and demos There were two stages were the event sponsors (Coles and others) ran cooking demos and talks for the audience. Bread It was really good to find out that gluten free bread is getting better and better. There are a few brands out there that are producing non-cakey, non-crumpety bread that are worth checking out: Schär with really good European-style breads,…