• Nutrient requirements for mothers
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    Nutrient requirements for mothers

    Happy Mother’s Day! Becoming a mother is hard work from the second the baby is conceived. Therefore, nutrient requirements for mothers typically increase when compared with females in the same age group. It makes intuitive sense that pregnant and breastfeeding women need to eat more. However, just eating more is not enough. Moreover, some women might not be able to tolerate extra food (e.g. due to morning sickness when pregnant) or not have the opportunity to prepare meals (e.g. when breastfeeding). Thus, it is important to choose nutrient-dense food sources, such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, fish, lean meats, eggs, dairy, nuts and seeds. Nutrient requirements for mothers To answer the…

  • Nutrient reference values vs nutrient intake in Australia
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    Nutrient reference values vs nutrient intake in Australia

    We all know we should be eating vitamins and minerals but not many know how much. Is there a gap between nutrient reference values vs nutrient intake in Australia? What are nutrient reference values? Nutrient reference values (NRV) are the recommended levels of intake of different nutrients, based on scientific evidence about food intake and health. The NRVs for Australia and New Zealand are expressed as a recommended daily intake (RDI) of each nutrient, which is the average amount of the nutrient that is required for the majority of healthy individuals. For some nutrients where the RDI could not be determined, the recommendation is based on the adequate intake (AI)…