• Naked Life non-alcoholic cocktails
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    Product review: Naked Life non-alcoholic cocktails

    Naked Life non-alcoholic cocktails are a good ready-to-drink alternative for when you choose to stay sober. Besides zero alcohol, they are also sugar-free. Naked Life non-alcoholic cocktails These alcohol-free drinks are manufactured by the Victorian company Naked Life, which also produces other lines of beverages. The non-alcoholic cocktails come in four-packs of cans, each containing 250mL. I have bought them at Woolworths and have seen them available at Dan Murphy’s and a few online retailers in both cans and bottles. I suspect the company is planning to expand their list of stockists, given the popularity of alcohol-free beverages. The cocktails come in a wide variety of flavours inspired by the…

  • Seedlip drinks
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    Product review: Seedlip drinks

    Seedlip drinks are an alcohol-free alternative for those people who enjoy botanical-based spirits. They are great simply paired with tonic or soda water or incorporated in more elaborate cocktails. Seedlip drinks Seedlip makes alcohol-free sugar-free distilled spirits based on a variety of botanicals. They can be considered a zero-alcohol alternative to gin (although the manufacturer informs they don’t use juniper in their production process so technically it cannot be called “gin”). These drinks have been produced in London since 2015 and are now available in several countries, including Australia. The currently available flavours include: Grove 42 (citrus): with Mediterranean orange, lemon peel, lemongrass and ginger Spice 94 (aromatics): with allspice,…