• misconceptions about gluten
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    5 misconceptions about gluten

    These days gluten is a mainstream word, although there is still a sizeable percentage of the population who don’t know what it is. More concerning, perhaps, is having wrong information about it. Below are 5 misconceptions about gluten that you will probably come across. 1. Gluten-free = healthy This is one of the most common misconception about gluten and comes mainly courtesy of health claims on packaged products. The same “health halo” applies to words such as “organic”, “vegan”, “all natural” and “preservative free”. Bottom line, gluten-free products are not inherently healthy. Exhibit A: Cheese-flavoured snack Ingredients: corn, vegetable oil, rice, milk powder, salt, cheese powder (1.0%), corn starch, flavour…

  • misconceptions about sugar
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    5 misconceptions about sugar

    Here are 5 misconceptions about sugar I heard from colleagues, patients and friends. Something tells me these are probably common beliefs among the general public. 1. Gluten-free desserts are not very sweet Desserts that are made without gluten-containing ingredients can still contain a ton of sugar. Sugar is gluten-free, but not sugar-free. Exhibit A: Banana bread mix Ingredients: sugar, rice flour, potato starch, tapioca starch, raising agents, maize starch, salt, thickener, natural flavouring, vegetable emulsifier, natural colour Sugars per serve (75g): 15.8g (almost 4 teaspoons) 2. Organic yoghurt doesn’t have sugar Once again, organic does not mean sugar-free. In addition, it does not necessarily mean healthier or “good for you”.…