• Rokeby Farms probiotic milk
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    Product review: Rokeby Farms probiotic milk

    Rokeby Farms is a dairy food company based in Melbourne, Victoria. Their product Rokeby Farms probiotic milk is made the traditional Swedish way. Rokeby Farms probiotic milk Like Filmjölk, this product is made with fresh cow’s milk and fermented slowly. The manufacturer claims it contains 15 live and active cultures and 50+ billion bacteria per serve. The benefits of this product are similar to those of other fermented milk drinks. It is a good source of protein and calcium and helps with digestion and gut health. Fermented dairy foods contain little lactose as most of it is digested by the bacteria. Therefore, this product may be suitable for some people…

  • Fermented milk drinks
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    Fermented milk drinks

    Fermented milk drinks are a great source of nutrients and probiotics (i.e. live beneficial bacteria). They have been associated with numerous health benefits, including gut health. Fermented milk drinks People started fermenting milk to extend its shelf life. Later, they discovered that fermentation also made milk safer to consume, more digestible and healthier (1). Types of fermented milk drinks Fermented milk drinks available in Australia include: Dairy kefir Kefir is a drink made from milk which is fermented by a mixture of bacteria (both lactic and acetic acid) and yeast. The chemical composition of kefir depends on several variables, including the type of milk used to produce it. Common substrates…