• Tummify probiotic shots
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    Product review: Tummify probiotic shots

    Tummify probiotic shots are an alternative to other probiotic products in the market that are higher in sugar. This is a product designed for gut health. Tummify probiotic shots Tummify probiotic shots are 98% sugar free and certified organic. Each shot contains 35 billion colony-forming units (CFU) of a 13 multi-strain formula (see more details in the Nutrition information section below). The product comes in 5 and 20-packs containing single serve (65ml) plastic bottles, which are BPA-free and recyclable. Ingredients Fresh organic milk (99%), monk fruit juice concentrate, prebiotic fibre, kefir cultures and probiotics. For reference, these are the ingredients in the most popular probiotic product, Yakult: Original: Water, skim…

  • Rokeby Farms probiotic milk
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    Product review: Rokeby Farms probiotic milk

    Rokeby Farms is a dairy food company based in Melbourne, Victoria. Their product Rokeby Farms probiotic milk is made the traditional Swedish way. Rokeby Farms probiotic milk Like Filmjölk, this product is made with fresh cow’s milk and fermented slowly. The manufacturer claims it contains 15 live and active cultures and 50+ billion bacteria per serve. The benefits of this product are similar to those of other fermented milk drinks. It is a good source of protein and calcium and helps with digestion and gut health. Fermented dairy foods contain little lactose as most of it is digested by the bacteria. Therefore, this product may be suitable for some people…

  • woolworths skyr
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    Product review: Woolworths Skyr

    Woolworths Skyr is a yet another choice in the ever-expanding fermented dairy section. But what is it? Is it yoghurt? What is skyr Skyr is a fermented dairy product, similar in consistency and taste to yoghurt but technically classified as cheese. It is a traditional food in Scandinavia, having originated in Norway and expanded to Iceland. It is often consumed with porridge, jam, fruit, fish or cereals (1). With the raising popularity of Nordic cuisine, local dairy manufacturers have started producing skyr (or skyr-style products). Apparently, skyr must be made with Icelandic cows milk and skyr cultures (1). Following these criteria, Woolworths Skyr is not skyr. Perhaps that is why…