• Kooee! meat sticks
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    Product review: Kooee! meat sticks

    Kooee meat sticks are the better quality answer to cabanossi. Made with great quality Australian free-range meat and natural ingredients, these are great portable snacks for when you are on the go. Kooee! meat sticks Kooee! is a Tasmanian-based company that sells meat snacks such as jerky and meat sticks. Their products are made with Cape Grim free-range and grass-fed beef and free-range pork. Kooee! meat sticks are low in sugar and gluten-free and have a decent amount in protein. The sticks come in 5g packs that can be bought in 20-pack boxes or in 10-stick sample packs. Ingredients Free-range pork stick (classic): Australian free-range pork (95%), sea salt, black…