• Nutrients in organ meats
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    Nutrients in organ meats

    Organ meats are a staple in some traditional cuisines, but unfortunately not very common in Western countries. Nutrients in organ meats include many vitamins and minerals, making them true superfoods. What are organ meats? Organ meats, or offal, are exactly what they sound like: meat from animals’ organs. This includes the heart, liver, brain, thymus gland, intestines, etc. Organ meats contain many micronutrients and that’s why they are highly regarded in traditional cultures. Nutrients in organ meats The graphs below contain a comparison of some nutrients for different types of organ meats (data from 1). What about cholesterol? Cholesterol content in organ meats is higher than in muscle meats such…

  • fructose sweet poison
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    Fructose: Sweet poison?

    Fructose is a simple sugar (such as glucose and maltose) that occurs naturally in foods. When one molecule of fructose combines with one molecule of glucose, it forms sucrose (a.k.a. table sugar). Years ago, agave syrup was all the rage because it was high in fructose. Fructose is known to have a low glycaemic index, meaning it does not raise blood sugar as much as glucose. Back in the 1960s, fructose was used to treat diabetes because it does not need insulin to be metabolised (1, 2, 3). That’s good, right? Not so fast! There has been plenty of scientific research on how fructose affects metabolic health. Science seems to…