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    Becoming a Krav Maga instructor

    I have written about my story with Krav Maga before. In short, going back to some sort of martial art/combat discipline had been in the back of my mind since we moved to Australia. Same for my husband. Eventually he started training at KMDI (Krav Maga Defence Institute) and he invited me to try it. I liked and joined, initially as “conditioning” for my lifting. In that first article I talked about why my perspective changed. Part two is about becoming a Krav Maga instructor. Learning Krav Maga I grew up as a fat kid who was not very physically active. We did PE (Physical Education) in school once a…

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    What is Krav Maga and why I do it

    Krav Maga is the self-defence system used by the Israeli Defence Force. Therefore, it is not a sport, a martial art or a fitness class. Krav Maga was created by Imi Lichtenfeld in the 1940s for army purposes. He later adapted the system for civilian populations. There is a grading system that works like most martial arts: with a belt system that reflects the practitioner’s level. This is mainly to determine which techniques are taught to which people. More advanced practitioners, for example, learn third-party protection (i.e. how to defend others). Training topics include holds (e.g. chokes – including head locks, wrist grabs, shirt grabs, bear hugs, takedowns, etc.), weapons…