Product review: CocoLuscious organic coconut ice cream

On my very first visit to Paleo Cafe one of the many things that grabbed my eye was CocoLuscious organic coconut ice cream. The fact that Alvaro was not there was the perfect excuse to buy a tub to bring home. With many flavours to choose from it was very tempting to grab one of each but the price tag ($12+) helped with restricting the purchase.

That first tub was the tropical (a.k.a. plain coconut) flavour. The ingredients are coconut milk, agave nectar, desiccated coconut and guar gum. I know… not perfect but much better than commercial ice cream. It was delicious, and while less sweet than sugar-loaded ice cream, I would prefer even less (perhaps none) sweetener.

On another visit to Paleo Cafe (not that that’s the only shop that sells it, but the freezer is located in the perfect spot for inducing compulsive purchases) I grabbed a tub of the gold label vanilla ice cream, which is sweetened with coconut sugar instead of agave nectar (much healthier because is not pure fructose like agave). The rest of the ingredients are coconut milk, pure vanilla extract, and guar gum. Again, not perfect but good enough for a once-in-a-while delicious indulgence.


3 thoughts on “Product review: CocoLuscious organic coconut ice cream

  1. love coconut ice cream and food to know that it wasn’t as sweet as most of the commercial ones

  2. Have always been intrigued by these but the price is a bit of a barrier! Good to know they’re worth it in taste! Happy new year Gaby and looking forward to reading more of your posts in 2014!

    1. Happy New Year, Helen!

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