Recipe: Palta rellena

Also known as Palta a la reina, palta rellena is a classic Peruvian entrée. I do not know much about its origin but it’s a fairly popular dish, particularly in restaurants offering set menu weekday lunch deals (aka “menú”). My version is heavier on the filling, which means it makes a decent-sized lunch.

Recipe: Mixto completo (sort of)

Another sandwich recipe? Really? Yeah, we still got a lot of protein bread in the freezer. Peruvians took the French classics croque monsieur and croque madame and made the poor person’s versions mixto and mixto completo. These generally contain jamón inglés (regular leg ham) and Edam cheese. The completo (equivalent to the croque madame) has […]

Recipe: Pan con aceitunas

Recently I wrote about craving sandwiches from my childhood. Today’s sandwich is even simpler: it involves only three ingredients but tons of memories. I recommend using botija olives (I’ve bought them in Tierras Latinas, Flemington Markets and Loving Earth in the past) but any flavourful black olive would do. Pro-tip: next time someone you know […]

Recipe: Triples in protein bread

I don’t crave bread often but when I do it’s usually in relation to childhood memories. Among other sandwiches, we grew up eating triple, which is very popular back home although there’s nothing typically Peruvian about it. Its name refers to the three different fillings that are separated by four (FOUR!) slices of bread. Yep, […]

Recipe: Two dips with CO YO

As promised, here’s a recipe featuring the wonderful coconut yoghurt CO YO. Serve with cucumber slices, on top of salad greens, or however you prefer. Trout and tuna dips Yield: about 1 cup each Ingredients Trout & beetroot dip 100g beetroot 100g smoked trout fillet 4 tablespoons natural CO YO 1 gherkin, chopped 1 tablespoon […]

Recipe: Crustless bacon & zucchini quiche

Another egg-based breakfast recipe featuring Trunkey’s products. This time it was the turn of everyone’s favourite: bacon. I used a mix of nitrate-free smoked and plain bacon, feel free to use your favourite. Crustless bacon & zucchini quiche Yield: 8 – 10 servings Ingredients 3 tablespoons ghee or butter 500g good quality bacon (preferrable nitrate-free) […]