AltShift experiment (part 5)

AltShift experiment update! If you missed the previous updates, you can find them here: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4. This update includes rounds 8 and 9.

I travelled to Melbourne to visit my sister on the first 2 days of 5S. My initial thought was to stick as much as possible to the protocol, but soon I realised it was better to just eat paleo-friendly. We had a few amazing meals, some great wine and, most importantly, precious time together.

Round 8:

  • Lost 8mm off my waist, 3mm off my thigh and 1.1kg. Put 7mm on my hips.
  • I lost my Fitbit on the first day of 3S. Losing a device that costed $130 sucks, but it’s a relief in a way, something less to obsess about.
  • I got better from my cold but too much food and drink in Melbourne made my digestion sluggish.
  • I also got better from my back injury but had my training program modified to upper body stuff, light power snatches and cleans and no squats.
  • I started the March Charge with friends from uni. It’s a fundraising campaign to help beat cancer, where you sign up to run, swim or cycle X kilometres, and people donate money to sponsor your efforts. Unfortunately for me, my team signed up to run (I suck at running and it’s not great for my weightlifting training). If you want to encourage me to not give up, you can donate here. Thanks in advance!

Melbourne eats

Melbourne drinks

Round 9:

  • Lost 4mm off my waist, 1.1cm off my hips, 8mm off my thigh and 1.2kg. This is the lightest I’ve been since I can remember.
  • This was a result of fat loss but also muscle mass loss most likely due to changes in training (no squats, running every day).
  • My digestion was up and down.
  • 5S breakfast from Practical Paleo

    3S “sandwich”

    If you’re interested in learning more about AltShift, head to

    2 thoughts on “AltShift experiment (part 5)

    1. I may need to start your eating plan. My measurements are INCREASING! Blah. All the food your making looks delicious.
      Thanks so much for sharing
      Gourmet Getaways

      1. No worries! If you choose to give it a shot, the Facebook group is very supportive and inspirational.

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